Retail Voice

Design solutions as per customer’s communications need.


Telecom Routes 53 has white labeled VoIP solution, which offers bright options for all those who wish to cash in on the booming business of Internet Telephony.

This solution comes handy to aspiring VoIP providers, as it doesn’t require them to take the trouble of obtaining regulatory clearances or deploying complex backend infrastructure.

VoIP reseller program

With our VoIP reseller program, you can generate added recurring revenue from your existing and future client base by reselling our VoIP services to them on your brand, without any technical, logistical and regulatory chores.

The Future of VoIP

Unified Shopping Experience

Your POS doesn't have to be a cause for headaches. Instead, POS software designed to take advantage of the latest VoIP innovations and technology gives you a high-tech retail business without a huge learning curve or cost. For example, NetSuite designed a platform that integrates with your inventory, has various security tiers, provides data capture services, and integrates payment processing.

Complete Integration

Current VoIP systems integrate with customer relationship management software such as Salesforce to make it simple to capture customer data. You can store your customer data with the help of the VoIP system, which then transfers the information over to your software of choice. This cuts down on transcription errors and other issues with data quality.


If you only use your phone occasionally, you don't even need physical VoIP hardware on location. Some services offer softphones, which is software you run on the computers you already have at the retail location. VoIP numbers also can be issued for any location, so you can get a number that matches your local town instead of routing customers through a long distance or 1-800 number.